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"Though relatively new to working with ArcanaCast, I can honestly say that my experience with the team has been entirely positive. I came to them looking for a way to make my masters my own again and left thoroughly pleased. The team were incredibly helpful and James engaged and listened thoughtfully whilst I rambled around multiple ideas that I couldn't convey easily with words. They bought my chaotic ideas to life and did so with grace, care and a genuine passion for understanding what their makers want in detail. The masters have also polished up easier than any I'd purchased previously and that, for me, is life changing to my craft!

I'm super excited to have worked with them so far and I'm eager to get the new designs, that they helped create, out into the Everrot. I know I have future designs to bring to them and I'm sure that when I do, they will be just as genuinely reliable and creatively reassuring as before."

The Everrot

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Hello! My name is Natasha and I work in the Atlanta TV/Film industry! I got into dice making in mid 2020 and have loved stepping up my game with Arcana Cast! They worked with me to workshop my AMAZING 3D printed origami crane dice guardian and I cannot recommend them enough! Their printing is far superior to every other printing company I've used.

The Folded Crane

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I started my dice making journey because I’m the worst of the goblins. I just wanted to mine my own math rocks.

At the beginning I knew only that they made click clack sounds and they were pretty. I didn’t know a thing about pressure pots, or pigments, or even masters; but most of all, I didn’t know about the community I was joining. A community that has been endlessly kind and supportive. That doesn’t hoard knowledge or technique, but instead shares information with budding artists.

The team at Arcana Cast have been an integral part of my experience. Working with them from concept to design to print to polish has been a dream every time. They’re easy to communicate with, helpful, quick to jump on any issue you might run into, and quick to offer any advice.

Beyond that, they’re innovators. Their pottery wheel splash guard is the greatest boon I ever could have received, not far from a Boon of Immortality.

Seriously, if you get masters from anyone, get them from Arcanacast!

Alkonost Dice

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