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After a lot of creative Nat 1’s, Arcana Cast is our critical success. 

Our founders, AJ and Mike, met at fourteen and bonded over a love of music. After making some killer music as a band, but unable to progress further in the music industry. Then they spent several years working in construction to make ends meet. They never stopped pursuing creative pursuits,  and kept hoping to find a way to band together in another creative endeavor.


Enter dice making. 

AJ learned 3D engineering just so he could make dice for his own tabletop RPG games. This led to the desire to further the growth of modern RPG gaming as a whole.

Mike mastered 3D design while pursuing a career in film, and so he could make some sweet cosplay and armor props. 

Then James joined because he’s the best person in the world and a master DM— and he’s deeply experienced in organizing and maintaining fast-paced businesses and speaking with people as a nurse practitioner. . 

In becoming part of this community, we realized a need for more creative, customizable designs in dice masters. Since January 2020, we’ve been filling that niche. 


A business for businesses.

From the outset, they have said they’ see themselves as a business for businesses; their primary goal is to help you create the dice masters and gaming accessories you’ve been dreaming of to start your journey in the dice making community— or take your business to the next level. For Arcana Cast, nothing brings them more joy than helping others pursue an artistic career, just like they did. Helping others achieve their dreams, especially in a community that has embraced them and they love so much…that’s the best  outcome they can imagine.


Ever up and onward.

Going forward, they can’t wait to take dice making, gaming accessories, Dungeons and Dragons, and 3D printing to the next level. They have lots of new ideas we hope will make your games and your businesses that much cooler— Stay tuned!


Word from the ArcanaCast Team:

Thank you for joining us in this adventure— and making our dreams possible too.


May you always cast well,

The ArcanaCast Family

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