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Terrarium/Frame Dice Inserts

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***When sanding these, go slow, one pass on the sandpaper at a time, and only sand them until the edges are flat. One edge will look wider until sanding the adjacent face. The center doesnt need finishing, as your second resin cast will fill any inconsistencies. Only flatten the rails for best effect.***

These are Raw, unpolished 3D Printed Mold Masters removed from Supports. They do not require any additional curing or coatings for use with platinum cure silicones. We utilize Form 3B printers with photopolymer resin (our standard is opaque blue). For custom ideas, or additional dice to be created, message us first, and we will gladly walk you through the best way to purchase and design your ideas.

They are 3D printed tools and not intended for gameplay. They are used for first sanding and polishing; then making molds and casting your own handmade dice. . Rounded Dice, or other alternate shapes can be purchased through the Custom Shop. Additional dice for your set can be purchased as separate items here in the webstore.

• Prints will have a matte or cloudy appearance when printed, but after sanding and polishing can produce a glass-like finish

Every purchase from our shop grants you access to the exclusive "Arcanaclass: Support and Chill" discord where dozens of pro dice artists and mold-makers hang out to help get your first pulls, or troubleshoot your existing process. Even attend zoom classes for pouring techniques, mold-making, marketing, logo design. Ask for a link after checkout!!

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