FoxPour Mold System

The FoxPour Mold System is a joint venture created by Fox.e.poxy and Downpour Dice. They are not the first ones to use a mold system with platforms, but they wanted something that eliminated needing to sculpt the platforms from clay. And something that was still a slab mold style since that is what all three of us use currently. And so the FoxPour was born.

We have partnered with Downpour Dice and Fox.e poxy to provide you with the best quality physical product. Don't worry, even through you are purchasing through our website, you will still be supporting both Downpour Dice and Fox.e.poxy.

Product Requests

Thanks! We’ll get right on that!

Shipping Limitations

Due to the current issues with the United States Postal Service we are unable to offer shipping to Australia without extremely high prices on behalf of our customers. If you would still like us to look into it for you, please know that the current wait time for packages to Australia are about 2-3 months from shipment to delivery. Any reshipment would be at the cost of the buyer.

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