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Dice/Meeple Molds

Please not that molds are made upon receipt of your order and we do not keep them in stock, so anticipate a 3 week processing time as we make the molds for you.

***Please note these molds are not food safe**

These molds will be a 2-piece slab style mold made with Smooth-On Dragon Skin 20 (dependent on supply chain availability)

Currently we offer a standard 7-piece set (no D2) in our Casual, Arcana, and Parry This (commercially free) fonts and a standard size mold of our blank dice inserts.And a mold to make resin cast meeples for all sorts of TTRPG games.


All mold sales are final, but if there are any issues we will do our best to address them. Feel free to contact us here on the shop, on our instagram accounts (@arcana_cast, @arcanacastservice), or via email

Once an item is marked shipped from the store, it is in the possession of USPS, FedEx, UPS, or another carrier. Any delays in shipment at that point are unfortunately beyond our control, but in the shipment email you will get a tracking number to contact the courier service for any updates on shipping at that point.

Happy Casting!

Product Requests

Thanks! We’ll get right on that!

Shipping Limitations

Due to the current issues with the United States Postal Service we are unable to offer shipping to Australia without extremely high prices on behalf of our customers. If you would still like us to look into it for you, please know that the current wait time for packages to Australia are about 2-3 months from shipment to delivery. Any reshipment would be at the cost of the buyer.

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